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Rule for Grade Changes

The following rule for grade changes was approved at the faculty meeting on May 31, 1982:

After a final grade had been submitted to, and recorded by, the Main Office [Student Affairs Office], it shall not be changed except for good cause submitted in writing to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and approved by the Dean of the Law School. Good cause is best exemplified by arithmetical error, but may include other reasons. It is not good cause to change a grade for humanitarian or other reasons merely to affect a student's grade point average, for example, to achieve honors status, to be eligible for graduation, to be removed from scholastic probation, or to be redeemed from dismissal for academic failure.

It was understood at the faculty meeting that a final grade, while not defined, includes all grades submitted by a faculty member to the Student Affairs Office except a temporary "pass" submitted for some students in a course prior to the time that the entire set of exams for the course has been graded.