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Wait List Instructions

When Are Waitlists Active?

Waitlists are active from the first day of ROSE registration (after Law School early registration) through the 4th class day (fall and spring) or 2nd class day (summer) of a semester.

How Do I Join a Waitlist?

To join a waitlist, you must be registered for at least one class. Look for the course in the online course schedule: to see if it is closed or waitlisted. When you try to add the course you will be given the option to add yourself to the list. You can join up to two lists per course (if the same course is offered more than once in the same semester) and can be on four lists at any one time.

How Do I Manage My Waitlists?

Go to “See My Waitlists” at:

How Are Classes Filled from the Waitlist?

During registration, if a registered student drops the class, a student on the waitlist will be added to the class. Nightly, the system fills as many leftover seats as possible.

If I Waitlist a Class, Am I Guaranteed a Seat?

No. Joining a waitlist is just a way for you to wait in line for an open seat. It is up to you to decide how long you will wait, or if you want to leave the list, and choose a different class.

Should I Join a Waitlist if I’m Not Sure I Want the Class?

NO. By signing a waitlist you have told the system you want to add the class. If you get into the class it will automatically be added to your tuition and fee bill. Also, keep in mind that someone else may really want the class, and you could be holding up that person’s chance to get in.

Why Is There No Waitlist for a Course?

1L courses and courses/clinics/internships that require an application do not have waitlists. Some professors also prefer to keep their own waitlists.

Why Am I Not Being Offered a List?

  • The course doesn’t have a list.
  • The waitlist is full.
  • You are not registered for at least one course.
  • You have already joined four lists (the max).
  • You have already joined the waitlist for two sections of the same course (the max).

How Do I Leave a List?

  • You can drop yourself by going to “See My Waitlists.”
  • An administrator can drop you.
  • The system can drop you through a zap  for non-payment or withdrawal.

Why Am I Stuck on a List?

  • The list has been turned off.
  • The class remains full.
  • A restriction has been added to the class.
  • You have a schedule time conflict, too many hours, or a duplicate class.

What is a Swap Class?

A swap class is a class on your schedule that you choose to drop if you get into a waitlisted class. You do not have to choose a swap class; it is optional. You can choose a class when you join a waitlist, or you can choose one in “See My Waitlists.” A swap class can keep you from having a time conflict or too many hours.

How Do I Get Notified About My Waitlist Classes?

You will not receive a notification when you are put into a class off the waitlist—that information is available through ROSE or your “See My Waitlists” page.  The Waitlisting system will notify you if there is an error while trying to join a list. You will receive this notice via email, so make sure your current email address on file with the University is up to date. You can see all of your notices on your “See My Waitlists” page.