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UT Law School Classes - Fall 2012

Appellate Advoc Skls for Contem Prc

Instructor: Sween, G Credits: 3 Course ID: 379M Unique #29385
     Day    Time   Location
   Monday 3:45 pm - 6:25 pm TNH 3.124
Exams: None
Registration Information
This course is restricted to upper division students only.
Course - APPLICATION REQUIRED. Application and/or instructions on how to apply for this course can be accessed on the web:
** This course meets the Professional Skills requirement for graduation.

Appellate Advocacy Skills for Contemporary Practice

This course will operate as an intensive workshop, with each week's assignments focusing on a distinct communication skill in the arsenal of effective appellate advocates.  Students will tackle brief-writing and oral-argument exercises based on complex legal issues and use interdisciplinary techniques to render that difficult and often dry material accessible and vital.  The objective is not simply to prepare those few who might one day have a sophisticated appellate practice, but to impart strategies that any lawyer can utilize to better serve clients and their manifold causes in an increasingly complicated legal landscape.

Because enrollment is limited, an application is required.

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