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Spring 2014 - Professional Responsibility for LLMs

Maxwell, Philip K

Course ID: 285  Unique # 29755  Credit Hours: 2
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   Wednesday 3:45 pm - 5:35 pm TNH 3.127
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  Final Thursday, May 1    1:30 pm          A-Z
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This course is restricted to upper division students only.

This course on lawyers’ professional responsibilities will introduce LL.M.  students to the core concepts and doctrines.  Reflecting my background, discussions will usually use examples from civil litigation as teaching tools.  Examples from other practice areas, such as transacting and prosecuting crimes, will figure less prominently.  This course will fulfill the Professional Responsibility requirement for graduation.
Because clients and lawyers can regulate their relationships contractually, two questions will recur throughout the course:  1.  Are regulations imposed by outsiders are needed to protect clients from harm? and 2.  Do existing regulations make clients better or worse off?
Regulations are also intended to protect third parties, who may suffer as a result of the actions lawyers take on clients’ behalf.  When considering regulations designed to protect third parties, we will consider whether the harms are real and sufficiently severe to warrant regulation, and whether existing regulations address the harms appropriately.
This class is for LL.M.  students only.

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