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Excellence in Leadership is for those in management positions interested in developing and enhancing their leadership skills and knowledge.


The Excellence in Leadership classes are conducted at The Commons on the JJ Pickle Research Campus or at the Governor's Center offices at 3001 Lake Austin Boulevard.


$595.00 per two-day class and $495.00 per one-day class, includes all program materials. Tuition does not include lodging and meals.

Excellence in Leadership Series


The Excellence in Leadership series is comprised of intensive one-day and two-day skills building courses for managers at all levels. Each course contains a variety of learning experiences and discussions to embrace leadership and management skills.


Instructors include GCMD Center staff, nationally known consultants, and distinguished University faculty who utilize a variety of instructional methods and styles.


New Course:

Emotional Intelligence & Leadership (1-Day Class)

Effective Leaders typically have high IQ's, extensive education, years of experience, and deep knowledge in their fields.  As valuable as these skills and abilities are, none of these factors predict who will be successful as leader and who won't.  What more is needed? The answer is emotional intelligence, or EQ as it's commonly called.  Research in the EQ field has found that it is the single biggest predictor of performance in the workplace and the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence. This interactive class will help you understand what emotional intelligence is, learn specific strategies for enhancing and managing your EQ, and offer practical applications for leveraging EQ in a leadership role.

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Customer Service Excellence (1-Day Class)

Increasingly in organizations, managers are being asked to respond to a wide diversity of customer expectations. This course will help identify internal and external customers, their expectations, and processes to evaluate their satisfaction level.

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Strategic Planning & Performance Measures

Using a case study, this session provides an opportunity for hands-on application of the strategic planning and performance measurement process that is required of Texas state agencies.

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Problem Solving & Decision Making

Solving problems and making decisions have always been two tough functions of management. In this session you will learn how to handle the tough issues effectively by developing your ability to utilize a variety of decision-making styles. You will also learn and have an opportunity to practice a systematic process to help you identify and successfully implement solutions to complex problems you experience in the rapidly changing environment of organizations.

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Identify the benefits of teamwork and the pitfalls to avoid in your efforts to develop and lead responsible and accountable teams in your organization. Learn to identify and manage dysfunctional team behavior and discover the synergistic results of collaboration that can be realized by bringing people together in the workplace to achieve shared goals.

no classes currently scheduled.

Managing Organizational Change

Change surrounds us. Learn a proactive approach to initiating change or implementing change mandated by others. Explore common patterns of response to change and learn how you can help yourself and others move through change initiatives more successfully to produce the results you want.

no classes currently scheduled.

Facilitation Strategies

Managers are realizing the value of keeping a group energized, focused on task, and producing effective results. Whether you lead a problem-solving team, work with executives in strategic planning, or just want to assist in moving your own group through the collaborative process more effectively, facilitation is a critical skill. This session teaches the fundamentals of facilitation and provides opportunities for participants to practice the techniques they learn.

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Project Management

Effective project management is a core competency for managers. For those responsible for organizing projects of all sizes, this course provides the knowledge, skills, and tools that lead to successful project results.

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Strategies for High Impact Presentations

Today's managers and leaders frequently find themselves in forums where they must formally present information clearly, accurately, and often in a limited time frame. This session will provide strategies for planning, preparing, and delivering effective presentations. Participants will identify their personal presentation challenges and participate in practice sessions which will include giving and receiving feedback.

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Working it Out

No organization is immune to internal conflict. There will always be personality clashes, misunderstandings, petty irritations and turf battles. People may battle openly over an issue or refuse to communicate at all. This session will not attempt to help managers avoid conflict, but will provide a toolbox for working out differences and using conflict as an opportunity for personal and organizational growth and change.

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