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Transformative Leadership: Developing Adaptive Thinking in Today's Public Sector Leaders

Transformative Leadership is a ground-breaking approach to developing these adaptive thinking capacities in today’s leaders in government.  This developmental experience will transform one’s thinking and leadership effectiveness.  The unique, integrated program elements include: 

Download Transformative Leadership Brochure Here

6‐month program/process for leadership development  

Recognizing that thinking capacities can only be developed and imbedded over time, Transformative Leadership will include intensive on-site sessions (one week in Adelaide, Australia, and one week in Austin, Texas), readings, and webinars over a six-month period of time to better instill and apply the lessons learned to an organizational context. 

While not a typical ‘study abroad’ program or audience, Transformative Leadership’s international aspect and designed interaction with those in similar leadership roles from another country will install and enhance these new perspectives needed for addressing complex issues. 

International Audience 

The program will be comprised of, and limited to, 12 middle- to senior-­level leaders in state government from Texas and 12 from South Australia.   To be nominated for participation in this program, participants should meet the following criteria: potential for senior-­level leadership roles, committed to continuous improvement, ability to think strategically, ability to work effectively in teams, and commitment to attend and participate in all sessions, webinars, and assignments. 

Integration of exposure, experience, and education 

Topics of leading change, collaboration, networking, leadership agility, innovation, neuro‐leadership, and strategic thinking will be addressed and reinforced through a unique integration of classroom sessions led by renown educators, leadership discussions with some of the best thinkers in and out of government, and on­-site visits to organizations known for leading edge applications in excellence. The program will use a deliberate and on‐going iterative method of learning, reflection, and application to real world challenges.

Albert Einstein is credited with saying, "The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.”  Transformative Leadership will develop that different level of leadership thinking needed for success in the coming decades.

Ideal Candidate

This unique 6-month program is designed to enhance complex thinking capacities in a few select leaders.  The ideal candidate is someone who is already in a senior-level role or who is poised to be in such a role, already thinks strategically and is open to learning new perspectives.

Nomination Process

Participants in this program must be nominated by their agency leadership.  To access the Nomination Form, please click on the button below.  Fill in the form completely and submit.  Class selection will be made after all nominations are received and the Nominator will be notified of the candidate's acceptance into the program. 


July-August 2014:  Orientation and Advanced Reading Assignments

August 24-29, 2014: First Intensive Week at the University of Adelaide, Australia

September-November, 2014: Series of Webinars and Additional Readings/Application

November 9-14, 2014: Second Intensive Week at The University of  Texas at Austin

November 15-December 2014:  Concluding Webinars/Application


$14,500 covers all program/coaching expensed, coach airfare to/from and 7 nights hotel in Adelaide, Australia, meals in Australia, and all assessment/program costs for the week in Austin.

NOTE: A deposit of $2,500 is due by June 2, 2014, with the balance of the tuition due by July 1, 2014.


Nomination Form