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Current Ph.D. Students

Research Interests
Amelia Altz-Stamm Candidate Water management and administration in the Middle East, specifically in Jordan’s water sector
Sofia G. Ayala Candidate Regional and International Economic Development, Inequality, Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
Rebecca Benson Candidate Health policy making and political influences on policy solutions to public health problems
Bogolasky Fliman, Francisca Pre-candidacy
Christina Caramanis Pre-candidacy
Gabriel Cardona-Fox Candidate International Regime Formation, Global Governance, International Norm Diffusion
Jaehee Choi Pre-candidacy Human capital development for youth and low-skilled workers, applied econometrics
Greg Cumpton Candidate Postsecondary Transitions, Program Evaluation, Failing Schools and School Reform
Changgui Dong Candidate Energy Economics and Policy, Climate Change Policy
Eleanore Douglas Candidate International Security, Defense Policy, Strategy
Noah Durst Pre-candidacy
Luis Fujiwara Candidate Program and policy evaluation, Development Policy and Poverty Reduction Strategies, Gender Oriented Policy, Research Design and Methods especially those that combine quantitative and qualitative techniques (Q2)
Gao, Xue Pre-candidacy
James Hasik Pre-candidacy Military-industrial policy and strategy, global security challenges
Emily Kao Pre-candidacy Health policy, specifically studying the impact of emergency department crowding on patient health outcomes
Nisha Krishnan Pre-candidacy
Abby Lane Pre-candidacy Social welfare policy, family policy, poverty reduction, child development
Hans-Inge Lango Pre-candidacy International security, foreign policy, strategy
Aleksandra Malinowska Pre-candidacy Education & Immigration Policy
Kipyn Miller Pre-candidacy Public Health and Social Policy, Education Inequalities, Program Evaluation
Roger M. Miranda Pre-candidacy Common Pool Resources, Governance of Transboundary Water Resources, International Environmental Policy
Leonard O'Bryon Pre-candidacy
Ilse Oehler Grediaga Pre-candidacy Public Management, Performance Management Systems, Policy and Program Evaluation, Poverty, Inequality
Carlos Olmedo Candidate Labor and workforce development, wage inequality and program evaluation
Stephen Palmer Candidate
Eliezer Poupko Candidate Election Law and Policy, Democratic Theory, Constitutional Design
Alvaro Quezada-Hofflinger Candidate Inequality, Latin America
Reeves, D. "Cale" Pre-candidacy
Megan Reiss Pre-candidacy
Esther Reyes Pre-candidacy
Rosenstein, Jodi Pre-candidacy
Ariel Schwartz Candidate International Cooperation, Global Public Goods Provision, Development
Todd Graham Smith Candidate Sustainable Development, Poverty Reduction, Natural Resource Management, Africa
Santiago Tellez Pre-candidacy
Michael U. Villarreal Pre-candidacy Education policy; legislative decision making
Tom Vincent Pre-candidacy
Miha Vindis Pre-candidacy Application of history in contemporary policy analysis; role of new media in decision making; ethics and leadership