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Climate Change

Olmstead, Sheila Faculty
LBJ in the News
Local climate affects Americans' obesity risk LBJ in the News
Bad Weather May Dampen Will to Exercise LBJ in the News
TOO HOT TO TROT: Study finds higher obesity in hottest counties LBJ in the News
Study Ties Obesity to Temperature and Humidity LBJ in the News
Summer heat linked to obesity LBJ in the News
Study: Obesity rates high in hotter regions LBJ in the News
UT study finds obesity rates are higher in hotter parts of the U.S. LBJ in the News
UT Study Shows Link Between Climate and Obesity LBJ in the News
Can the Weather Make You Fat? LBJ in the News
Study: Hottest and Coldest US Places Also the Fattest LBJ in the News
Too hot to exercise? New research links obesity to temperature and humidity LBJ in the News
UT Study Blames Obesity on Hot Temps LBJ in the News
Failing at exercise? Just blame Texas weather LBJ in the News
Too Hot to Exercise? New Research Links Obesity to Temperature and Humidity News
LBJ Publications
“One Effect to Rule Them All? A Comment on Climate and Conflict.” LBJ Publications
“Climate Security Vulnerability in Africa Mapping 3.0” LBJ Publications
“Hearts or Minds? Identifying Persuasive Messages on Climate Change” LBJ Publications
“The G-20 and Climate Change: Beyond Goal Setting at Brisbane" LBJ Publications
“How The United States Can Reinforce Chinese Action on Climate Change” LBJ Publications
“The Political Geography of Climate Vulnerability, Conflict and Aid in Africa” LBJ Publications
Climate change adaptation and water resource management: a review of the empirical literature LBJ Publications
"Tracking Aid for Food Security: Methodology and Pilot Case Study in Malawi" LBJ Publications
"Tracking Climate Adaptation Aid: CCAPS Methodology Codebook" LBJ Publications
"Advances in Mapping Climate Security Vulnerability in Africa" LBJ Publications
Rev. of Boycotts and Dixie Chicks: Creative Political Participation at Home and Abroad, by Andrew MacFarland. LBJ Publications
"Climate Security and East Africa: A GIS-Based Analysis of Vulnerability" LBJ Publications
The whole and the sum of its parts: comments on David Victor LBJ Publications
An international policy architecture for the post-Kyoto era LBJ Publications
A meaningful second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol LBJ Publications
Three key elements of a post-2012 international climate policy architecture LBJ Publications
"Tracking Climate Adaptation Aid: CCAPS Draft Codebook" LBJ Publications
"Tracking Climate Aid: Insights on International Donor Reporting Practices" LBJ Publications
"Tracking Climate Aid in Africa: The Case of Malawi" LBJ Publications
"Aid for Climate Change Adaptation in Africa: How Much Do We Really Know?" LBJ Publications
"International Development Assistance for Climate Change Adaptation in Africa: The Aid Scramble" LBJ Publications
"Climate Change Mitigation in India" LBJ Publications
Can Political Institutions Avert Violence from Climate Change? LBJ Publications
"Transatlantic Trends: Weather Change or Climate Change?" LBJ Publications
Clean Energy Technology and Public Policy LBJ Publications
The Carbon Footprint of Global Transportation LBJ Publications
Sustainable Energy Options for Austin Energy LBJ Publications
Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Global Transportation LBJ Publications
Creating a Carbon Capture and Storage Industry in Texas LBJ Publications
Mapping and Modeling Climate Security Vulnerability LBJ Publications
"Ground Truthing" Vulnerability and Adaptation in Africa LBJ Publications
"Vaunted Hopes: Climate Change and the Unlikely Nuclear Renaissance" LBJ Publications
"Locating Climate Insecurity: Where are the Most Vulnerable Places in Africa?" LBJ Publications
"International Organization and Environmental Governance" LBJ Publications
Mapping Climate Change and Security in North Africa LBJ Publications
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