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Infrastructure Systems and Policy

Heinrich, Carolyn Faculty
LBJ Publications
Second-Generation Policy Priorities for Colonias and Informal Settlements in Texas LBJ Publications
"Sourcing Locally for Impact" LBJ Publications
"Water-Sharing Between India and Pakistan: A Critical Evaluation of The Indus Water Treaty" LBJ Publications
"Political Economy of Grant Allocations: The Case of Federal Highway Demonstration Grants" LBJ Publications
The Fuel Tax and Alternatives for Transportation Funding LBJ Publications
Comprehensive Transboundary Water Quality Management Agreement: With Guidelines for Development of a Management Plan Standards and Criteria LBJ Publications
"Water Quality Improvements From Mexico-Texas Investments" LBJ Publications
"How Investment in Waterwater Infrastructure Has Improved Water Quality Along the US-Mexico Border" LBJ Publications
"Water Sharing Between India and Pakistan: A Critical Analysis of the Indus Water Treaty" LBJ Publications
"Infrastructure Investment and Water Quality Along the Mexico-Texas Border" LBJ Publications
The Panama Canal Expansion: Its Role in U.S.-Asian-South American Trade and Its Potential Impact on Texas Transportation Infrastructure LBJ Publications
U.S. and Texas International Trade and Transportation LBJ Publications
International Air Cargo Operations and Gateways: Their Emerging Importance to the State of Texas LBJ Publications
Impacts of Pending Federal Greenhouse Gas Legislation on the Texas Transportation Sector LBJ Publications
The U.S.-Brazil-China Trade and Transportation Triangle: Implications for the Southwest Region LBJ Publications
Evaluation of Mexican Transportation Infrastructure Projects LBJ Publications
A Scoping Study of the Impacts of Bioenergy and Alternative Fuels on the Southwest Region LBJ Publications
"Innovation U.S. Freight Transportation Strategies" LBJ Publications
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