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Web Graphics

graphics on the web

This tutorial discusses issues and techniques relating to Web graphics. It includes information about creating animated GIFs, clickable image maps, and efficient Web graphics.

Although Adobe PhotoShop is one of the more popular applications for creating Web graphics, you can use any application that supports the GIF, JPEG and now PNG file formats. Other programs include PaintShop Pro, (you can download a demo version from their site) and Macromedia Fireworks. Check out the Adobe, Macromedia and Microsoft software titles that are available at the Campus Computer Store for a substantial savings if you have a UT ID. If you are not experienced with PhotoShop, ITS teaches several short courses on Adobe PhotoShop. Another very popular program for creating web graphics and animation is Macromedia Flash. This program creates very efficient vector graphics and has a host of web development tools. For more information on Flash, check out the learn/Flash site here at, or check out and look at Flash as well as their many other web tools.


  Updated 2006 August 14
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