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Managing Document Masters

Do you know where the master copies of your Web files are?

Since most campus publishers produce their Web files on their Macintosh or PC and then upload those files to the central server, there are two copies of every Web document: one on the server and one on the Mac or PC. So,

  1. Which ones are the masters?

  2. Are they on the Web?

  3. Are they on the Macintosh on your desk? If so, where?

  4. Are they on the Macintosh of a staff member who left last month? If so, where on that Mac are they?

If you are managing 1 file or 10 files, these questions are trivial. If you are managing 100 files or 1,000 files, they are important questions. You should know the answers and everyone in your department involved in Web publishing should know the answers, too.

  Updated 2006 July 26
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