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Site-Specific Searching

  • Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)

    In August 2009, Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) was implemented on the UT Home Page. Departments can either customize the UT Google CSE to search only their site or implement their own instance of the Google Custom Search Engine.

  • Google Syndicated Search - End of Life (EOL)

    February 2004 - August 2009, the search on the UT Home Page was powered by Google Syndicated Search. Google Syndicated Search is no longer supported by Google and is considered End of Life (EOL).

  • ht://Dig

    ht://Dig is a gathering program that "digs" through your Web site and creates an index of terms.

    Since the ht://Dig search service is hosted on campus, you don't have to worry about the reliability of an off-campus provider, or have advertisements on your search results pages.


To determine relevancy, search engines follow a set of rules, with the main rules involving the location and frequency of keywords on a Web page. This section explains methods for making your page more relevant to search engines.

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