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Surgical Client Care/Wound Care

Infection Control. CD-ROM

Topics covered include chain of infection, infectious disease, standard precautions, protective garments, isolation and asepsis. For each topic there is text, a chart, video and an interactive question about what the student has just learned. An exam over all the content is also available.

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Infection Prevention

  1. Breaking the Chain of Infection. Videotape
    Describes the six links in the chain of infection and discusses interventions to interrupt the chain and prevent the spread of infection. Uses examples such as TB, hepatitis B, HIV, and hospital-acquired infections that are of particular concern to healthcare providers today.
  2. Hand Hygiene and Gloving. Video
    Emphasis in the first part of the program is on hand hygiene using an alcohol-based handrub. Discusses as well handwashing with plain soap and antiseptic soap. Indications for use of both alcohol-based handrub and handwashing are presented. Discusses the newer concepts of performing hand hygiene such as when in contact witha patient's intact skin or touching objects in a patient's immediate vicinity. The second portion of the program presents the rationale for gloving, indications for the use of gloves, and guidelines for changing them.
  3. Basic Sterile Technique. Video
    Describes situations in which sterile technique is necessary. Focuses on basic concepts of asepsis, including correct technique while preparing for a sterile procedure, opening sterile packages, donning and removing sterile gloves, and for maintaining the sterile field.

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Encyclopedia of Nursing Skills. Sterile Technique. CD

Gives information on sterile technique for the following areas:

  • Handwashing
  • Incision Care and Wound care
  • Suction Drain Management
  • Staple or Suture Removal
  • Catheterization
  • Surgical Asepsis
    • Setting up sterile field
    • Scrubbing and Drying
    • Applying sterile gown
    • Closed gloving
    • Completing gowning
    • Maintaining sterile field

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Scrubbing, Gowning, and Gloving. DVD

This program provides a comprehensive description of the techniques healthcare providers should use when working with patients undergoing sterile procedures. It begins by describing surgical scrub as well as the use of antiseptic hand gels. It then shows how to put on a sterile gown and concludes by demonstrating both open and closed methods of donning gloves.

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Implementing Preoperative Care. Video

This video gives instructions for obtaining informed consent, completing the preoperative assessment, preparing for client and family teaching, and carrying out the physical preparation required on the day of surgery. In addition, documentation tips, and safety and legal issues are included.

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Implementing Postoperative Care. Video

Covers the nursing responsibilities during the immediate, the ongoing, and the late postoperative period. Also covers documentation tips and safety issues.

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Wound Care. Video

This video presents sterile gloving, including latex precautions, wound assessments, including indirect and direct assessments, wound drainage systems, and types of wound drainage, and dressing changes, including wet-to-dry dressings and use of the wound VAC system.

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