Information for University Fellows, 2013 - 2014



Registration for new and readmitted students who have not yet registered is August 23. Registration for continuing students who have not yet registered is on August 26 - consult the fall Course Schedule for the procedure to follow. The first day of class is August 28.

Tuition and Fees

During the academic year in which you hold a fellowship, you are entitled to pay resident tuition (check your award letter for additional information on how your tuition will be paid).  Half-time Teaching or Research Assistants pay resident tuition and get a tuition benefit—go to the Web site at

Payment of Stipend

You can elect to have your checks electronically deposited or mailed to your local address.   Checks will not be issued without a permanent social security number.  If you do not go through early registration for the spring semester, there will be a delay with the January 1 fellowship check.  Again, if you are receiving a summer fellowship, you must be enrolled by June 1 in order to receive your check on June 1.

If you are to have a work appointment (Teaching Assistantship or Research Assistantship) following the fellowship period, your checks for the work appointment will be issued on the last day of the month.  In such cases there will be a two-month interval between your last fellowship check and your first work appointment check, and you must plan accordingly.  (Example:  If you have a fellowship in the fall and a work appointment in the spring, your last fellowship check will arrive on December 1, and your first check for the work appointment will arrive on February 1 and will be for the half month from January 15 to February 1.)

Medical Insurance

The Graduate School urges all students to maintain health insurance coverage. A university fellowship does not automatically qualify the recipient for health insurance. A Graduate School fellowship may include an additional payment towards the cost of medical insurance through The University of Texas student or staff group health plans. However, fellows have several options for meeting their health insurance needs.

Information regarding the Student Health Insurance Plan can be found at

Information regarding fellowship eligibility for the university staff group insurance which is available to those with qualifying fellowships ($10,000 or more in stipend) can be found at

Medical Insurance: SB-29, which passed during the 2011 legislative session, enables holders of major fellowships ($10K or more in stipend) to access the university's group medical insurance plan during the months they are on the fellowship. There is no funding provided in the bill, and State general appropriation funds cannot be used to pay the premiums, but now students at least have the option of enrolling in this superior plan.

Questions may be directed to Elizabeth Korves, Assistant Fellowship Manager, 512-232-3603,


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