Our Goals


Foster a portfolio of units that deliver continually improving, high-quality services to the campus.


Uphold the continuity and integrity of our campus fabric by maintaining existing buildings and developing new facilities in such a way that we meet the needs of our ever growing and changing community.


Communicate with the campus community about our portfolio and the services our units offer, and gather feedback on our public perception in order to continually improve our operations.


Provide a financial management system for our units that will help them make cost-effective decisions that save the university money.


Create a unit that delivers organizational development and leadership services to our portfolio and the whole university community.


Provide information technology services to our portfolio that enable our units to better serve the campus.


Celebrate all the ways diversity enriches our community, and strive to increase the level of staff diversity throughout our portfolio.

Safety and Security

Serve the campus with a safety and security operation that protects the university community from the potential effects of an emergency, ensuring the safest possible environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

About Us

Did You Know…

We facilitate parking and transportation for more than 70,000 faculty, students, staff, and visitors who commute daily to our campuses.