Planning, Energy and Facilities

Planning, Energy and Facilities (PEF) creates and maintains The University of Texas at Austin’s architectural fabric and exceptional physical environment. PEF is responsible for the planning, design, and construction management of all new buildings and major renovation projects at the university as well as generating campus energy. In all of its work, PEF advances environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

Campus Planning & Project Management

Associate Vice President: David Rea

campus Planning

We facilitate the involvement of the campus community in capital improvement program (CIP) projects, while representing the best interest of the university in the design and construction of new buildings and major renovations.

Office of Sustainability

We promote and support activities across campus that exemplify the university’s sustainability policy and enhance the brand and identity of the university.



Project Management and Construction Services

We transform facilities with a commitment to excellence in project delivery, by anticipating and responding to the needs of our first class education and research university.

Utilities, Energy & Facilities Management

Associate Vice President: Juan Ontiveros

Facilities Services

We maintain, operate, and renovate facilities while providing facilities management services and facilities support services that exceed our customers’ expectations.


Utilities and Energy Management

We provide reliable and cost-effective electricity, chilled water, steam, deionized water, compressed air, emergency power, and elevator services for The University of Texas at Austin.