Dr. Connie Deutsch, Director of HealthPoint and EAP Retiring

Dr. Deutsch, Director of HealthPoint and EAP in Human Resource Services (HRS) has announced her retirement. Dr. Deutsch will remain in her current position until April 1, 2011.

Dr. Deutsch has been a licensed psychologist for 35 years with 16 years in private practice and 9 years with UT Austin. Dr. Deutsch began her career with UT Austin in 2001. “When I was hired EAP seemed to focus on Organizational Development. The administration felt that a shift was needed towards a clinical/mental health concentration. I began making that shift immediately and focused on individual client counseling and consults with management regarding mental health issues in the workplace.” Dr. Deutsch also recognized the need for marketing and began an intense and successful campaign to educate the campus on the mental health services EAP offered.

Dr. Deutsch was very involved in the creation of the Prohibition of Violence policy, the Fitness for Duty policy, the Prohibition of Violence Compliance module, the creation of the Threat Assessment Team and the Behavior Concerns Help line (BCAL). Dr. Deutsch also taught workplace violence courses at the UT System Police Academy and had a close working relationship with UTPD and the Student Counseling and Mental Health Center. Her certifications include CEAP (Certified Employee Assistance Professional) and SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and she is a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. While proud of these accomplishments, she is most proud of her Outstanding Supervisor Award in 2006.

Susan Harnden, Senior Social Worker with HealthPoint and EAP since 1993 speaks highly of her supervisor, “Dr. Deutsch developed a vision for EAP in multiple ways: by working flexibly with the various styles of management and by effectively emphasizing our unique services in response to the needs of this community. Dr. Deutsch has the unique ability to reach out in ways that people value.”

Julien Carter, Associate Vice President of Human Resource Services has nothing but praise for Dr. Deutsch’s tenure at UT Austin while adding, “Dr. Deutsch will be missed by her staff, our department, and the entire campus community. The impact she has made on The University of Texas at Austin is immeasurable.”

The future looks bright for Dr. Deutsch as she plans to continue her world travels. After recent trips to Mongolia, Morocco, Greenland and Antarctica, she plans to go to Tibet in September of 2011. When not traveling, Dr. Deutsch plans to run a small consulting firm; emphasis on the word “small.” She smiles when she says, “I’ve supported myself since I was 19 years old. Right now, I’m looking forward to working less and playing with grandchildren more.”