Visitor Garage Cards

One-Use Cards

We have the ability to create one-use cards that you may purchase up front and usage is similar to a validation stamp. The person pulls a ticket to get into the garage and parks. When they leave, instead of giving them a validation stamp, you can give them a one-use swipe card that they can use at the exit.

Once the card is used at the exit, it cannot be used again. If a person is coming multiple days, you will need to issue them a card for each day they are parking on campus. There is no in and out privileges with these. The cost is $9 per card and they do not expire, serving as a guard against any future hourly price increases.

If your guest should receive a late envelope at any of our garages, we will gladly accept their ticket and their one-use validation card (per day) as payment in full. These can be dropped at the convenient drop boxes/slots located at our garage exits or mailed back to the garage in the late envelope that will be on your guest's windshield.

Parking one-use garage cards are for use by official university visitors only.

One-use Garage Card purchases are by IDT only unless special arrangements have been made with the Garage Manager.

In March 2013, the Office of Accounting and the University established Handbook of Business Procedure 9.1.9 regarding Use of University Funds for Parking Expenses. Please refer to for information pertaining to Event/VIP or related parking fees paid with a University account number (IDT). Parking charges to a non-approved account will require payment by another approved account or payment method.

Because of this policy, we are no longer able to hand out the one-use cards from the window without the account being reviewed by our accountants or the Office of Accounting. To request one-use visitor cards, please print this letter (PDF), complete it entirely, and email it to Your request will be reviewed and an email will be sent stating whether the account/ purchase has been approved or not. Once approved, you can take the original Departmental One-Use Garage Card Request to any garage office and a copy of your approval emai to have the order fulfilled.

Since one-use garage cards are like cash, all purchases must be made in person at any of the garage offices. Please bring a photo ID when picking up one-use cards. The Conference Center Garage does not sell one-use cards. Garage office hours are 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., M-F. Special arrangements may be made to pick one-use garage cards up during non-traditional business hours.

Requests for additional information regarding one-use garage cards can be e-mailed to


Event Cards

We will continue to offer garage event cards for events if you have used these in the past.  The price for event cards will vary based on the event and the number sold but, in general, these will now be priced at $11 per card, per day as it allows for in and out privileges throughout the event. Parking event cards allow you to cover your guest’s garage parking so that they do not have to stop at the garage office to be processed out of the garage. Unlike the one-use card, the event card can reserve space for your guest in the garage. Your guest can take the event card that you receive from us and exit directly from the garage. This will make parking at one of the university’s garages more convenient for both yourself and your guest.

To request Event Cards, please fill out the Group/ Event Parking Request Form found here: The same Handbook of Business Procedure 9.1.9 still applies for Event Cards and accounts will be reviewed before it is approved for use.

Parking event cards are for use by official university visitors only.

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