S Class Permit

Class S Permits are issued to university students living off campus who desire to purchase parking garage permits. Garage permits offer students some of the most convenient parking on campus. Unlike the C permit all garage parking is on the west side of I-35 and only limited spaces are sold.

S permits are garage specific and valid only in the garage where the permit is issued. The S permit should allow you to come to campus at anytime and still be able to find a space in your garage. The garage S permit allows you to come and go with your garage access card 24/7 in most cases.*/ ** While we don't guarantee that you will always have a covered space over 90% of garage spaces are covered. For multiple garage parking options please see information about N+ permits.

S permits are sold in Guadalulpe Garage (GUG), Brazos Garage (BRG), Manor Garage (MAG), San Antonio Garage (SAG), San Jacinto Garage (SJG), and Trinity Garage (TRG). S garage location information

After the renewal period is complete, remaining permits are sold on a first-come, first-served, basis on the scheduled Sales Date starting at 10 a.m. Permits are sold online for the initial purchase with online renewal options using My Parking Profile. S permit availability and pricing information.

*From time to time S permit holders may be relocated to accommodate large events. Advanced email notification of these re-locations will be sent to the email address we have on file. Generally, other garage parking will be made available if you are relocated.

**The S permit is not intended for 24-hour storage of your vehicle. Should you need to keep your vehicle in the garage longer than 72 hours, please contact the garage office for overnight authorization.

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