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APS Form (PDF) (Word.doc)  

Use this form to authorize Professional Services payments that will be paid from a grant (26 account) or for blanket requests. The electronic Authorization for Individual Services form should be used for all other authorizations.

Automatic Payment Request Authorization Form  

Complete this form to set up automatic payments for Retiree Insurance directly from your bank account.

Communication Device Allowance (CDA) Request  

Use this form to authorize communication device allowances for employees pursuant to CDA policy 9.1.5. in the Handbook of Business Procedures. The form must be completed before an employee's CDA record and payments are established in the CDA System.

Departmental (Manual) Payroll Voucher  

This form is used to pay prior year salary, employee based awards, retroactive longevity and hazardous duty, or other payments that cannot be processed on electronic OVM payroll documents in *DEFINE.

Employee/Independent Contractor Classification Checklist  

Complete this form when processing payment to an individual performing Individual/Professional Services. The form will assist with determining whether the individual performing the services will be classified as an independent contractor or as an employee of the university.

Payroll Services Employee Information (PSEI) Form  

If you do not have access to My Paycheck Profile via UT Direct, use this form to complete personal employee and check distribution information. This form must be completed, printed, and forwarded to Payroll Services, G0200, Main 134 along with the W-4 form in order to receive payroll payments.

Replacement Check Request Form  

If a Payroll check has been lost, destroyed or expired you may request a Replacement Check. Replacement checks are generally available for pickup within three business days after Payroll Services receives a signed Replacement Check Request Form. Checks requested to be mailed are processed within three business days, but employees should be advised mailing may result in a longer wait time.

Salary Spread Request Form  

Employees with a nine-month basis assignment may be eligible to elect salary spread so that payments are received in the summer. Please read this form for the requirements to request or cancel salary spread. Forms must be received by Payroll Services no later than Aug. 31 for fall assignment and Jan. 15 for new spring hires.

Temporary SSN Request Form  

Individuals who have applied for a social security number (SSN) and received a Delay letter from the Social Security Administration can complete this form to request a temporary SSN.

TRS 6 Form, Notice of Final Deposit and Request for Refund  

Former university employees may request a refund of TRS retirement contributions if all employment with the university ceases. Complete Part I of the TRS 6 form and send to Payroll Services.

W-4 Form  

The W-4 form is required in order to calculate federal withholding tax amounts. New employees can do this by completing My Withholding in My Paycheck Profile. Those that do not have access to My Paycheck Profile must submit a completed W-4 form, along with a completed PSEI form to Payroll Services, G0200, Main 134. Current employees can also make withholding tax changes via the My Withholding page, or by sending a current year W-4 form to Payroll Services.

Note: If you are unable to download a Payroll Services form, a paper copy can be sent to you by campus mail. Please send an email to UT Payroll Services; or call us at 512-471-5271 to make this request.