Pharm.D. Program


The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) is the entry-level professional degree in pharmacy that leads a student towards becoming a pharmacist.  The course requirements include two years of undergraduate pre-pharmacy prerequisites & core/flag course requirements, and four years of a Pharm.D. professional pharmacy curriculum.  The last year of the Pharm.D. program includes a series of rotations at various practice sites. 

You will notice several links on the left-hand side of this page. Please make sure you read through each of these links to learn more about our Pharm.D. admissions information and process.  If you have any questions regarding Pharm.D. admissions, please do not hesitate to email us at the address posted on the right-hand side of this page.

UT Austin College of Pharmacy participates in the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS). There will be two applications and fees you will need to submit for our Pharm.D. Admissions. You can find these applications links and our process via the "Application Instructions" link found on the left-hand side of the site.

NOTE:  Please note that the “Applications Instructions” link is currently being updated for the fall 2015 application cycle.

The fall 2015 Pharm.D. application cycle will open on Monday, July 14, 2014 with a deadline of Monday, November 3, 2014 by 5pm (CST).

If you are interested in the Ph.D. research programs with the College of Pharmacy, please visit our Graduate Program site.

Last Reviewed: July 7, 2014

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