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Syllabi for Elective Courses

Courses listed are in numerical order based on the second digit.

322P New Concepts/Topics/Issues

326C Community Pharmacy Mgmt.

326M Applied Pharmacy Management

151R Introduction to Research

256R Advanced Contemporary Compounding

156S (Lab) Advanced Contemporary Compounding

160J Pharmacotherapy Special Populations (Problems Course)

261J Health Leaders

261JA Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurship

361J Clinical Management of Drug-Drug Interactions

362L Clinical Toxicology

368T College Teaching Methodology

369S Community Class for Service-Learning (UTRGV)

370C Communication Skills for Health Prof

270D Nutrition in Clinical Pharmacy

270M Inpatient Adult Medicine

270N Intro to Nuclear Pharmacy

370S Interprofessional Community Service Learning

372K Hospital Pharmacy

274S Quality & Patient Safety Interprofessional Education

278H Pharmacy Honors Research Proposal

479H PHR Honors Thesis and Tutorial

381H Interprofessional Care in HIV Patient Management

282D Pharmacy Business Plan Development

384D Antimicrobics

184H Antimicrobics Advanced Inquiry

285Q Fluid/Electrolyte Therapy (EP Only)

386G Spanish for the Pharmacy Professional (Austin)

386G Spanish for the Pharmacy Professional (El Paso)

289A/B Community Service-Learning Project

292G Complementary and Alternative Medicines

391W Leadership and Advocacy in Pharmacy

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