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The Phoenix has found its widest use in the protein crystallography area, where its accuracy, speed and precision makes it the perfect instrument for doing sitting drop, hanging drop and microbatching. The flexible 96-syringe head can dispense from 100 nanoliters to 100 microliters and the nano dispenser has a range of 50 nanoliters to over 10 microliters. Nine assay positions: 6 source or destination plate positions, 2 reagent positions, 1 wash station position.

Recent publications using Phoenix crystallography robot:

M. Del Campo and A.M. Lambowitz, Structure of the Yeast DEAD Box Protein Mss116p Reveals Two Wedges that Crimp RNA.  Molecular Cell.  2009; 35(5):598-609. PMAF Usage: protein crystallization.

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Last Reviewed: May 2, 2011

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