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Roster of Regional Experiential Personnel

The experiential personnel listed below are College of Pharmacy faculty members who supervise student and preceptor-faculty activities in the college's six defined Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience regions. You may address inquiries to them via their e-mail addresses if listed, or by phone. Anyone interested in serving as a preceptor-faculty member should contact the regional director closest to them geographically.

Assistant Dean for Experiential and Professional Affairs:
Jennifer Ridings-Myhra
Phone 512/471-1737
Fax 512/471-8783
  Administrative Associate:
Danette Adams
Phone 512/232-1768
Fax 512/232-1893
Associate Dean for Clinical Programs:
William McIntyre
Phone 512/232-3704
Fax 512/471-8783
  Program Coordinator:
Sherrie Bendele
Phone 512/232-2620
Fax 512/471-3756

Regional Internship Personnel Meeting, October 2015
Regional Internship Personnel Meeting, April 2013
Please select a region:
Dallas/Fort Worth
El Paso
Rio Grande Valley
San Antonio

Name Title Phone Email
Ms. Donna Burkett Regional Director (512) 475-6152 donna.burkett@austin.utexas.edu
Ms. Sharon Rush Community Coordinator (512) 232-3463 sharon.rush@austin.utexas.edu
Dr. April Hinds Ambulatory Care Coordinator (512) 978-9477 april.hinds@communitycaretx.org

Dallas/Fort Worth
Name Title Phone Email
Ms. Linda Albrecht Regional Director (817) 265-0435 lalbrech@yahoo.com
Dr. James Dunlap Clinical Coordinator (214) 590-8714 james.dunlap@phhs.org
Dr. Ashley Chasse Community Coordinator (520) 358-5925
Dr. Julia Janich Institutional Coordinator (972) 981-8176

El Paso
Name Title Phone Email
Dr. José O. Rivera Assistant Dean (915) 747-8554 jrivera@utep.edu
Dr. Jacqueline Navarette Regional Director (915) 747-8530 jpnavarette@utep.edu
Dr. Robert Reilly Clinical Coordinator (915) 521-7660 breilly@umcelpaso.org
Mr. John Rudder Community Coordinator (915) 584-9481 jvrudder@sbcglobal.net
Dr. Kim Ho Institutional Coordinator (915) 564-7529 kim.ho@va.gov

Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Sharla Tajchman Regional Director (713) 563-4829 sktajchman@mdanderson.org
Ms. Consuelo Worley Community Coordinator (713)365-6705 cworley88@att.net
Dr. Todd Canada Inpatient Coordinator (713)745-0685 tcanada@mdanderson.org

Rio Grande Valley
Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Lydia Aguilera Assistant Dean (956) 665-5221 aguileral@utpa.edu
Dr. Analiza Amaya-Diaz Regional Director (956) 389-1466 analiza.amaya-diaz@valleybaptist.net
Dr. Isidro Ramirez, Jr. Clinical Coordinator (956) 632-6172 isidro.ramirez1@hcahealthcare.com
Mr. Daniel Hernandez Community Coordinator (956) 364-6735 Daniel.Hernandez@USOncology.com
Mr. Gavino Garza Institutional Coordinator (956) 362-5192 ga.garza@dhr-rgv.com

San Antonio
Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Pam Maxwell
Clinical Coordinator (210) 358-1243
Dr. Tony Dasher Institutional Coordinator (210) 575-4142 tdasher@satx.rr.com
Dr. Gabriel Quintanilla Community Coordinator (210) 212-7455 gquintanilla02@hotmail.com

Last Reviewed: October 15, 2015

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