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History 1950s
The Pharmaceutical Foundation of the University of Texas College of Pharmacy was established to support facets of the pharmacy program.

An American Council on Pharmaceutical Education visiting team conveyed official approval of the efforts of the Dean and teaching staff to continue raising the standards of the program.

 period photo
Kenneth Weller (Alumnus '50) and James Boyer,
winner of a $500 prize in a scholarship fundraiser.
 period photo
Architect's drawing of new Pharmacy Building.
Ceremonies to dedicate the Pharmacy Building were held and faculty, students, and staff moved into the long-awaited pharmacy facilities on the Austin campus.

The Pharmacy Extension Service was inaugurated to provide in-service training and postgraduate education. William B. Harrell became the first black to receive a pharmacy degree, the M.S. degree, at the College.

The Ph.D. program in pharmacy received final approval, marking a culmination of efforts by the faculty spanning six years.

"A Study of Manpower in Texas Pharmacy," a survey of pharmacy's manpower requirements for the future, was first published. It was conducted annually until 1976.

Phi Delta Chi was revived through the efforts of William J. Sheffield, who served as faculty sponsor.

period photo
The University Drug Garden played a vital role in providing research material.
Dr. Jaime Delgado joined
the College faculty in 1959.
Esther Jane Wood Hall, a faculty member of the college, was awarded the first Ph.D. degree in pharmacy administration presented to a woman by an American university.

In his annual report, Dean Burlage noted that the graduate program had developed slower than anticipated due to the low salaries budgeted for the college as compared with salaries for pharmacists in retail distribution.

The College adopted a five-year Bachelor of Science program which included a sequence of two pre-professional years followed by three years of professional studies.

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National Ranking

The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy is recognized nationally as one of the elite pharmacy programs for education and research.  The most recent ranking by U.S. News and World Report places the UT College of Pharmacy program among the top four of the more than 100 pharmacy programs in the country.

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