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News Archive 2011

Chemistry Publication Includes UT Work on Enzyme Inhibition

College Announces New Division

UTech Dorm Room Welcomes First Tenant

UT Austin Displays Significant Inventions for Regents

On the Cutting Edge: Researchers Offer Promise Through Enhanced Drug Delivery

Grants Support Cancer Drug Discoveries

Research Excellence Day

Susceptibility Gene for Skin Cancer Discovered

News Archive 2010

New Medication Parameters for Foster Children

McGinity Receives $10,000 Award for Outstanding Research

Lab Venture Offers Promise for New Technologies

Grant supports research to fight lung disease

DiGiovanni Receives $2.5 Grant

M.S. Graduate Cited for Outstanding Thesis

Sixth Annual Louis C. Littlefield Celebrating Pharmacy Research Excellence Day

Cures for Kids:Research Offers Promise at New Dell Center

Acupuncture May Help Pregnant Women With Depression

Researcher Studies Link Between Obesity, Cancer

News Archive 2009

Breaking the Antibiotic Habit

NIH Awards $1.5 Million for Male Fertility Research

Gore receives $841,000 grant for neuroendocrine study

Gonzales named to $2.8 million MERIT award

$1.2 Million Training Grant

Grant to support development of lung treatment

Gore, Endocrine Society Issue Hormone Warning

Researchers Urge Restraint Regarding Anti-addiction Pill

Students Honored for Research Excellence

Celebrating Research

To Cure What Ails You

McConville Invited to Participate at USP Aerosols Expert Comittee Meeting

Wright's Research on Lymphoma Published in Science Magazine

Watts Named to Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

Last Reviewed: October 6, 2011

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