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Diversity Forum Planned for
September 10, 2009

Liberty, Healthcare, and Justice for All

The College of Pharmacy Cultural Proficiency Committee has begun the planning for a special event that may well become an annual endeavor–the 2009 Diversity Forum.  This year's forum will feature special guest Sharon L. Youmans, Pharm.D., M.P.H., associate dean for diversity, School of Pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco.

The forum will be of interest to all our faculty, staff, and students as it will focus on pharmacy's role in addressing health disparities. This session will be styled as an open discussion where the thoughts, experiences, and opinions of all those in attendance promise to make for a lively and productive discussion.

Dr. Youmans will also conduct a smaller session on post-graduate training.  This session will be primarily for those involved in post-graduate training and will focus on training at this level in light of an increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Both events will be free to all faculty, staff and students, but RSVP's will be requested for those who want to be included in the free boxed lunch offered.


Forum: Location PHR 3.106, 12 noon - 1:15p.m.
An open forum to discuss pharmacy's role in addressing health disparities in the 21st century. Come share your thoughts and opinions!

Post-graduate Session: Location PHR 3.110, 2 - 3p.m.
Post-graduate training in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Cultural Proficiency Committee Core Goals

The core purpose of the CPC is to facilitate the College's capacity to create and maintain a learning, research, and work environment (both physical and social) that promotes and values diversity of people, beliefs and ideas.

The four primary objectives of the CPC are to:

  1. promote education and training opportunities as well as college activities for faculty, staff and students in support of creating an inclusive working and learning environment.

  2. facilitate the incorporation of content and learning strategies throughout the entire curriculum to strengthen students' cultural competency.

  3. to improve two-way communications with off-campus faculty.

  4. to improve communication with families of current and prospective students as well as with the broader community by promoting the College's commitment to cultural diversity and proficiency.


Last Reviewed: August 27, 2009

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