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Medicinal Chemistry on the Move:
College Division Relocates to New Offices

building photoThe Medicinal Chemistry Division began the Fall 2008 semester in new facilities located in the new Biomedical Engineering Building.

The division now occupies most of the sixth floor of the building located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Dean Keeton St. and University. The facility is built on space once occupied by the old Student Services Building. The new Student Services Building is situated directly across Dean Keeton from the Biomedical Engineering Building.

The sixth floor space provides a new home of the division's central office as well as individual office space for its faculty members, a group office facility for graduate students, and research laboratory space. In total, approximately 10,000 square feet of the new building is assigned to the division including sufficient desk space for 55 graduate and post-doctoral students.

Faculty members located in new offices and labs in the building include Whitman, Dr. Kevin Dalby, Dr. Walter Fast, Dr. Sean Kerwin and Dr. Jonathan Zhang. Dr. Ben Liu, whose current lab was renovated when he joined the college, maintains his office and lab space in the North Pharmacy Building.

In addition to the general laboratory spaces, the space includes a cold room, culture tissue facilities and specialized areas for radioactivity.

Last Reviewed: July 14, 2008

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