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Current Students

Academic Advising

PHOTO Both The University of Texas and the College of Pharmacy have a special commitment to students to provide sound academic advising.

In order to meet that commitment, The University has developed a Mission Statement that serves to focus the many Advising Services available across campus.

The College of Pharmacy, in accordance with The University mission, employs a number of academic and career advisors who do an excellent job in matching students with the resources and information they need.

All university students may use any of the following resources:
Counseling and Mental Health Center
Learning Skills Center
Undergraduate Writing Center
Career Services

Advising Resources for Pharmacy Students
Pre-Pharmacy Students

Current UT Students: Advising is available for pre-pharmacy students in the College of Natural Sciences Health Professions Office
PAI 5.03

Transfer Students:
Contact Ann Spencer in PHR 5.112A (512-471-4425). See also the University Admissions page for transfer students and course equivalencies for many Texas universities.

Professional Students (Pharm.D.)

Advising is done in the college. Information for Pharm.D. students is available at this site; or, contact Greg Caldera in PHR 5.112 (512-471-1737) for an advising appointment.

Graduate Students


Advising is done in the college. Contact Stephanie Crouch in PHR 4.220 (512-471-6590) for an appointment or contact your supervising professor.

Last Reviewed: September 7, 2010

College Information

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