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Course registration for the upcoming semester is an exciting time where students often enjoy a sense of progression and even excitement. For others, the process may instill confusion over the wealth of electives and required course offerings.

In order to provide the most current registration information available, group advising/registration sessions are organized each semester for that purpose.  Notification of these sessions are usually made a month prior to the official UT Academic Advising Week (see University Academic Calendar).

If you are currently in the process of registering for courses or just curious what the Pharm.D. program has to offer in required courses and professional electives, please visit the following the links:

Advising Session Handouts
Pharm. D. Curriculum (effective prior to fall 2009)
Pharm. D. Curriculum (effective fall 2009)
Pharm. D. Electives (by semester)
Pharm. D. Electives (syllabi)
Course Schedules
Registration On-line
Tuition & Fee Rates / Payment Options

Last Reviewed: October 14, 2009

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College of Pharmacy
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