College of Education Teaching Award Recipients

Dean's Distinguished Faculty Award (established in 1992)

2009 Not Awarded

2006 Professor Nancy Roser and Professor Paul Resta, both in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

2005 Dr. Ozro L. Davis, Curriculum and Instruction

2004 Not Awarded

2003 Not Awarded

2002 Dr. Edward Coyle, Kinesiology & Health Education

2001 Dr. Sharon Vaughn, Special Education

2000 Dr. Lucia Gilbert, Educational Psychology

2000 Dr. John Ivy, Kinesiology & Health Education

1999 Dr. Jay Scribner, Educational Administration

1998 Dr. Randall M. Parker, Special Education

1997 Dr. Joe Frost, Curriculum and Instruction

1996 Dr. Jack Wilmore, Kinesiology and Health Education

1995 Dr. Waneen Spirduso, Kinesiology and Health Education

1994 Dr. John Roueche, Educational Administration

1993 Dr. Beeman Phillips, Educational Psychology

Dean's Distinguished Teaching Award (established 2001)

2006 Not Awarded

2005 Not Awarded

2004 Dr. John Bartholomew, Kinesiology and Health Education; Dr. Lisa Goldstein, Curriculum and Instruction

2003 Dr. Marilla Svinicki, Educational Psychology

2002 Dr. Mary Steinhardt, Kinesiology & Health Education