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Work-Life Resources and
Family Friendly Policies for Faculty

The University of Texas
at Austin believes an environment of excellence is synonymous with an environment of wellness, and that wellness starts with balance. We are deeply committed to creating a supportive and productive environment that allows our faculty opportunities to maintain a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

The University has numerous policies, services and resources to support our faculty and their families. Whether you need time to care for an infant or child, help to find a job for a spouse or partner, flexibility to meet the ever changing needs of your family or resources that connect and inspire you, you can know that we are here to help. While no one policy can meet every individual need, there are multiple ways to address different situations.

As President and Provost, we fully endorse family friendly policies, and we assure you that their use in no way compromises opportunities for advancement. We encourage you to review our new Web site to familiarize yourself with our work-life policies, the benefits they provide and how they can help you—and your family.

William Powers, Jr., President
Download Brochure Gregory L. Fenves, Provost

Working in Balance

The University of Texas at Austin provides opportunities for you to attain work-life balance while advancing excellence in teaching, research and service. Listed below are some examples of the policies and resources available to faculty. Contact the Office of the Provost, your college/school or your department chair for more information about these and other opportunities.

    Child Care
    Hiring Dual Career Couples
    Extension of Tenure-Track Probationary Period
    Family and Medical Leave
    Modified Instructional Duties (MID)
    Sick Leave
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Flexibility at Work

Shirley Thompson
Shirley Thompson
Lili Qui
Lili Qui
Mary Rose
Mary Rose

UT’s family-friendly options have made a key impact on their family say Shirley Thompson and Stephen Marshall, both faculty in UT’s Departments of American Studies and the Warfield Center for African and African American Studies. “We are thousands of miles away from our families and the support system they provide,” says Shirley. “These policies and resources provided an important security net as we became parents and attempted at the same time to maintain our place in our professions.”

Shirley opted to take Modified Instructional Duties (MID), scaling her teaching schedule back while she cared for Solomon, born in 2005. She applied for an extension of her tenure-track probationary period at the same time. Stephen then used MID to continue caring for their son. He was also granted an extension of the tenure-track probationary period.

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