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Four Faculty Receive NSF CAREER Awards

Four faculty members from the Cockrell School of Engineering have been selected to receive Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) awards totaling nearly $1.4 million from the National Science Foundation.

The four faculty members from the Cockrell School who received awards are, left to right:

Deji Akinwande Mikhail Belkin Miryung KimYing Xu

Ying Xu, assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering.

Miryung Kim, assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Mikhail Belkin, assistant professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Deji Akinwande, assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

News and Information

Explore UT Opens Research, Other Activities to Visitors

The University of Texas at Austin's Explore UT, known as "the biggest open house in Texas," is expected to draw more than 50,000 visitors of all ages from throughout the state on March 3 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., when more than 400 free activities in six realms of discovery will be featured on the university's main campus.

The public event has proved to be an effective means of recruiting bright, talented prospective students to the university in past years. It also has inspired excitement in learning among younger children who attend and experience the intellectual life, technological advances and rich natural and cultural resources of a world-class university.

Quoted-UT Researchers in the News

National Geographic Daily News
Feb. 27, 2012
HEADLINE: Giant Prehistoric Penguins Revealed: Big but Skinny

Julia Clarke (Julia Clarke, associate professor in the Department of Geological Sciences, commented on the significance of the discovery of ancient penguin fossils in New Zealand.)

"We've been gaining new insights into giant penguins from other parts of the world," said University of Texas vertebrate paleontologist Julia Clarke, who wasn't involved in the new study.

Clarke herself led a 2010 study describing a new species of ancient giant penguin, the water king, the first fossil penguin discovered with feathers.

But "in New Zealand, where they have one of the peak areas for [giant penguin] diversity, they haven't been really fully described"—making the new reconstruction an important advance, said Clarke, whose work has been supported by the National Geographic Society's Expeditions Council. (The Society owns National Geographic News.)

Research Opportunities

Important University Research Deadlines

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The University of Texas at Austin Stimulus Package Web page is online.

Funding Sources

Department of Defense

Defense Acquisition Challenge Program--Broad Agency Announcement--Requesting Rapid Fielding Proposals
Deadline: March 23, 2012

Extended Solids
Deadline: May 22, 2012

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Transformation Initiative: Choice Neighborhoods Demonstration Small Research Grant Program
Deadline: March 27, 2012

Department of Justice

Research on Illegal Prescription Drug Market Interventions (PDF)
Deadline: May 17, 2012

National Institutes of Health

Partnerships for Development of Vaccine Technologies
Deadlines: Letter of Intent, May 26, 2012; Application, June 26, 2012

Infrastructure Development Program in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
Deadline: June 19, 2012

National Science Foundation

Social Psychology
Deadline: July 15, 2012

Research Coordination Networks
Deadlines: See announcement for details

Geography and Spatial Sciences
Deadlines: Regular Research Proposals, Aug. 15, 2012; Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Proposals, Oct. 15, 2012

Deadline: July 15, 2012

Decision, Risk and Management Science
Deadline: Aug. 18, 2012

Marine Geology and Geophysics
Deadline: Aug. 15, 2012

Deadline: Aug. 18, 2012

Arts, Humanities and Culture

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Transatlantic Cooperation in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Law and Economics (PDF)
Deadline: April 30, 2012

Other Funding Opportunities

W.M. Keck Foundation
Medical Research Grants
Deadline: May 1, 2012

Undergraduate Education Program
Deadline: May 1, 2012

Research Project

CAREER: Integrated Si-CMOS and Graphene Heterogeneous Nanoelectronics

Deji AkinwandeRESEARCHERS: Deji Akinwande, assistant professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, principal investigator
AGENCY: National Science Foundation
AMOUNT: $400,000

The objective of this program is the heterogeneous integration of graphene with silicon integrated circuits for next-generation nanoelectronics that leverage the complexity, scale, cost and technology proliferation of mature silicon systems with the unique functionalities of graphene for future ubiquitous advanced systems.

The intellectual merit is the pioneering of a new cross-disciplinary research to create graphene devices integrated with silicon electronics for advanced systems for the first time. These systems will offer tunable functionality and greater computational efficiency beyond the performance of stand-alone silicon technology. The effort is organized into five essential tasks which are necessary to overcome the existing challenges ranging from wafer-scale growth, optimized devices with minimal non-idealities and the first realization of graphene-silicon terahertz electronics.

The broader impacts are the future proliferation of new advanced graphene-silicon integrated systems for the benefit of the broader society. Such systems are transformative because the integration of graphene extends the capabilities of low-cost ubiquitous silicon technology into the terahertz regime with added tunability leading to revolutionary new products much like gigahertz silicon electronics revolutionized mobile communications.

Example systems include: terahertz transceivers for imaging, security, communication and spectroscopy; sensor arrays for electronic-nose applications; and graphene enabled optoelectronics.

In addition, tight coupling between the research program and educational outreach initiatives will provide undergraduate research experiences at the forefront of nanoelectronics, and also afford secondary school students exposure to nanoscience. The outreach initiatives will have an impact on scores of underrepresented students and inspire them to pursue technical careers.

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