Environmental Health and Safety

Air Quality

The University of Texas at Austin must comply with a number of state and federal requirements regarding air emissions.

Potential Sources of Air Emissions

Surface Coating and Stripping Facilities

For any new construction or modification of a surface coating or stripping facility (e.g. paint booth), this air emissions checklist must be completed and forwarded to EHS for review and approval prior to finalizing plans:

Local Conditions

For information regarding the current air quality of air in Austin or other metropolitan areas around the state, refer to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Air Quality Index Report

Austin is currently considered a "near non-attainment" area regarding air quality. The pollutant of concern in the Austin area is excessive ground level ozone. To view the current day's ozone forecast for Austin and for other metropolitan areas around the state, see the TCEQ's Ozone Forecast Program.

Vehicle Emissions

While the university's fleet vehicle purchase policy does not require low emission engines, departments are encouraged to buy clean vehicles.

A useful reference when purchasing vehicles is the EPA's Green Vehicle Guide, which includes fuel economy and emissions rating.

Take an active role! Report smoking vehicles anywhere in the State of Texas by using TCEQ's Report Smoking Vehicles web site.