Welcome to Transforming UT: Business Productivity Initiative

As we begin this journey, exploring each recommendation of the President’s Committee on Business Productivity, I’d like to share a few thoughts.

Kevin HegartyFirst, I want to thank the Committee members for their expertise and hard work. Each member volunteered many hours and put their heart into the project. I believe these recommendations, properly adapted to our environment, will transform our campus for the better. And a stronger UT will benefit all parts of the UT family.

Second, as President Powers often says, top-down innovation rarely works. We need to understand the vision and intention of the Committee and study its recommendations thoroughly, but also bring our own solutions for increased productivity from the grass-roots level. The Committee’s recommendations were specific, and many of those we may well adopt as written. But others will require significant study and be infused with our own creativity and the aggregate wisdom of those on the front lines to reach the goal the Committee envisioned. Now is the time to engage in thoughtful and inclusive study of each recommendation so we can leverage their ideas to the benefit of the campus.

To do this, I’m establishing campus committees to study each of the recommendations. The general structure and charge to each committee can be found on the Transforming UT Committees page on this site. The specific membership of the committees, meeting schedules and working documents to keep the campus informed will be published on these pages as they become available. I encourage you to provide input and feedback to the committee members so that their work and final recommendations will have the benefit of your thinking.

This website will evolve as the committees are formed and begin to produce information. Our goal is to keep you informed along the journey. You also might find it helpful to sign up for the Transforming UT Updates. You’ll find the link on this and other pages of the website.

Kevin Hegarty
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer