ASMP Timeline

Each Administrative Systems Master Plan (ASMP) initiative has its own milestones or timeline.

For more information about the current ASMP 2.0 timeline, click here.

Initiative 1.1- Develop System Replacement Roadmaps/System Replacement

Business Area Information Technology (IT) Roadmaps for Financial, Budget, HR, Procurement, and Student Administration were completed in December 2012.

Task Start Date End Date Status
Planning & Acquistion Efforts 2/2013 10/2013 Complete
     Project Start-Up 2/2013 2/2013 Complete
     Define and validate system requirements 2/2013 4/2013 Complete
     Develop Request for Proposal (RFP) 3/2013 4/2013 Complete
     Public posting of RFP 5/2013 6/2013 Complete
     Evaluate and select vendor(s)/service provider(s) 7/2013 8/2013 Complete
     Negotiate Contract 9/2013 10/2013 Complete

Initiative 1.2 – Improve Design and Management of Data to Enhance Decision Making

Data Continuity and Access

Task End Date Status
Implement and configure tool for documenting data definitions, mapping, and report specifications (Data Cookbook) Fall 2014 Complete
Develop “Reports Inventory” portal for tracking critical institutional data requirements Fall 2014 Compete
Gather statutory and strategic reporting requirements for HCM/PR/FIN and populate the reports inventory Spring 2015 In Progress
Designate campus “Reporting Contacts” and solicit inventories of unit-level mission-critical reports and data requirements January 2015 – February 2015 In Progress
Begin prioritizing data consumption/reporting needs for campus and documenting specifications; identify and map to Workday source data February 2015 Not Started
Populate Data Cookbook with priority data specifications, definitions, and mapping / translations February 2015 In Progress
Identify Workday operational reporting capabilities and determine Workday custom reporting requirements Spring 2015 In Progress
Develop Reporting Services web site for campus access to available reports TBD TBD
Make Data Cookbook data definitions available/accessible for campus consumers TBD TBD

Institutional Data Store 

Task End Date Status
Pilot new IQ/IDS dimensional data models using student data as proof of concept March/April 2013 Complete
Research and test new, more robust Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) technologies during proof of concept March/April 2013 Complete
Research, test and implement broad toolset for accessing the IDS (ex: web services, SQL direct access, Cognos, Tableau, etc.) Ongoing In Progress
Develop web services infrastructure and conduct proof of concept project (TACC) Fall 2014 Complete
Engage campus units and subject matter experts as pilot partners for developing additional new data services Fall 2015 In Progress
Deliver services to downstream consumers based on identified needs Ongoing In Progress
Pilot integration methods from Workday to IDS and design process flow Spring 2015 In Progress
Load and/or re-model new and additional subject area data in the IDS as needed by mission-critical information systems Ongoing In Progress

Data Access Governance

Task End Date Status
Draft initial standards and guiding principles documents May 2013 Complete
Data Management Committee (DMC) will be formed from current IQ Steering Committee March/April 2013 Complete
DMC workgroups to explore risk-based approach to policies governing data access and availability Spring 2015 In Progress
DMC workgroups to work with data stewards and analysts to determine appropriate access levels, roles, and details to support institutional policies Fall 2015 Not Started
DMC will develop detailed Data Management Policy December 2015 Not Started
DMC will develop procedures and a process for communicating data access requests and approvals December 2015 Not Started
Policy and guiding principles will enter IT Governance structure for review Spring 2016 Not Started


Initiative 2.1- Design and Build Open Systems Technical Environment

Task End Date Status
Establish Task Force NA Complete
Develop Project Charter NA Complete
Project Charter Approved by AIC NA Complete
Project Charter Approved by BSC NA Complete
High Level Draft Recommendation NA Complete
High Level Recommendation Accepted by AIC NA Complete
High Level Recommendation Accepted by BSC NA Complete
Consultant Requirements NA Complete
Consultant Oral Presentation Planning 10/18/2013 Complete
Workday Deep Dive Technical Session 10/2013 (target) Complete
Consultant Oral Presentations 11/2013 Complete
Consultant Recommendation 12/2013 Complete

Initiative 3.1- Adopt Common Software Development Methodology

Task End Date Status
Establish Task Force NA Complete
Develop Project Charter NA Complete
Develop Prioritized List of Process Areas NA Complete
Develop Implementation Approach 04/12/2013 Complete
Complete Draft Recommendation 06/07/2013 Complete
Final Recommendation Accepted by AIC 07/30/2013 Complete
Final Recommendation Accepted by BSC 08/02/2013 Complete
Make Initiative 3.1 part of ASMP 2.0 Accepted by BSC NA Complete