The combined recommendations in this report could yield as much as $490 million over a decade. This will not be simple or easy. Indeed, if successful, The University of Texas at Austin would be the first university in America to overhaul its operational models in all three areas under consideration. But little worth doing is easy, and if it were easy, it would have been done already. The committee’s charge was divided into three main areas of inquiry: use of assets, commercialization of technology, and administrative functions.

Guiding Principles for All Committees

  1. Membership of each committee, its meeting schedule and meeting location will be published on the provided website.
  2. Each committee’s process will be transparent to the campus and its work accomplished in consultation with a broad range of campus constituencies.  
  3. Preliminary recommendations of the committees will be presented to the campus in a manner that allows for broad feedback from the campus, which should inform the committee in developing final recommendations.
  4. Final recommendations will be made in the form of a written report that will include an implementation plan that identifies the timing, required resources and resulting benefits of implementing the recommendations.