Electricity Committee

The University desires to generate from its power plant excess electricity and sell it to the Texas retail energy market.  The committee should commission a study of the power plant to determine the amount of excess electricity that can be produced, considering campus needs, planned growth and conservation measures.   Any investment needed in the plant to generate the recommended surplus power to be sold should be reported in as much detail as possible. UT power plant as seen from the sidewalkThe committee should determine what is necessary from a legal, regulatory and infrastructure perspective to sell the excess electricity to the Texas retail energy market.  The committee will prepare a report of its findings, including recommendations regarding the production and sale of excess electricity, accompanied by an implementation plan.  The committee is authorized to engage any external technical advisors it determines are needed to address specific issues.  As the matters of this committee require unique experience and knowledge, it is not expected that the committee will actively seek input from the campus at large unless it is determined that its recommendations will impact existing operations.  The committee’s report will be presented to the President for review and approval.  The committee may be asked to implement the approved plan.   

The committee will be chaired by Mr. Juan Ontiveros.  Membership of the committee will be announced shortly.  The work of the committee is expected to conclude and financial recommendations made within six months of commencement of work.

Committee Members

Juan Ontiveros
Utilities and Energy Management 

Tom Edgar
UT Austin Energy Institute 

Michael McCluskey
Lower Colorado River Authority

Stacy Woodard
Lower Colorado River Authority

Steve Kraal
Campus Planning and Facilities Management 

Rick Anderson
Energy Strategies 

Declan O'Cleirigh
Lower Colorado River Authority

Technical Support:

Mike Manoucheri
Utilities and Energy Management

Al Schuman
Utilities and Energy Management

Ryan Thompson
Utilities and Energy Management

Roberto DelReal
Utilities and Energy Management