Technology Commercialization

Technology Commercialization

September 2014

University Vice President Kevin Hegarty appointed a committee, the Technology Commercialization Committee, to respond to the recommendations of the Business Productivity Subcommittee on Technology Commercialization. The Technology Commercialization Committee was chaired by Juan M. Sanchez, Vice President for Research, and consisted of an additional 12 individuals representing academic deans, faculty members, and staff members (full committee membership can be seen to the right).

The Technology Commercialization Committee met several times as a committee of the whole. In addition, the committee was divided into three separate working groups that functioned and met individually. As part of the information collection process, interviews were conducted with a variety of individuals within the University as well as external to the University.

The Technology Commercialization Committee approached its task with the assumption that each of the recommendations of the Business Productivity Subcommittee on Technology Commercialization would be implemented by the University. Consequently, the Technology Commercialization Committee focused on developing a plan to address each of the subcommittee’s recommendations.

Please read the Technology Commercialization Committee: Response to the Recommendations of the Business Productivity Subcommittee on Technology Commercialization for further information and a complete list of recommendations and Technology Commercialization Committee responses.

On the left navigation panel, below Technology Commercialization you can read responses to each of the Business Productivity Subcommittee recommendations:

The Committee created three Working Groups to each focus on two recommendations:

Working Group 1


#1 – Increase the licensing volume of the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)
#5 – Create an Electronic Portal to enable internal and external constituencies to more easily access and navigate the University’s human and intellectual capital

Greg Fenves, Linda Hicke, Bill Williams and Dan Sharp

Working Group 2


#2 – Foster an innovative and entrepreneurial environment on campus to increase high-potential start-ups, encouraging cross pollination between colleges, students and faculty
#6 – Establish student involvement as a priority

Tom Gilligan, Bob Metcalfe, Brent Iverson, Rob Adams and Bob Peterson.

Working Group 3


#3 – Align the academic and research strengths of the University with regional industry needs
#4 – Enhance the contribution to Austin’s creative and cultural environment necessary for recruitment and retention of talent

Lynn Crismon, Isaac Barchas and Mary Beth Maddox

Committee Members

Committee Chair:

Juan Sanchez
Vice President Research

Dean Representatives:

Lynn Crismon
College of Pharmacy

Greg Fenves
Cockrell School of Engineering (former)

Tom Gilligan
McCombs School of Business

Linda Hicke
College of Natural Sciences

Faculty Representatives:

Rob Adams
McCombs School of Business

Brent Iverson
College of Natural Sciences

Bob Metcalf
Cockrell School of Engineering

Bill Williams
College of Pharmacy

Staff Representatives:

Isaac Barchas
Austin Technology Incubator (ATI)

Mary Beth Maddox
Cockrell School of Engineering

Robert A. Peterson
Associate VP for Research / Professor

Dan Sharp
Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC)