The University of Texas at Austin
School of Undergraduate Studies
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Current Archer Fellows

The following students are representing The University of Texas at Austin in fall 2016 and spring 2017.

Fall 2016

  • Ariette Agnew, Communication Studies; Applied Learning & Development
  • Allison Ainsworth, Political Communication
  • Annie Albrecht, Plan II Honors; Corporate Communication
  • Madison Albrecht, Government Plan I Honors; Economics
  • Maral Arslanian, Government Plan I Honors; Humanities Plan I Honors
  • Charles Bonner, Plan II Honors; Government
  • Lauren Bowman, Government Plan I Honors; Political Communication
  • Dylan Campbell, Government
  • Jeremy Cana, Government
  • Claire Christensen, Government
  • Cyrus Daruwalla, Biochemistry Honors
  • Charles Eakins, Government
  • Melissa Flores, Urban Studies; Economics
  • Abigail Griffin, Plan II Honors; Government
  • Adam Hamze, International Relations & Global Studies
  • Hannah Hoke, Political Communication
  • Brenna Larkin, International Relations & Global Studies Plan I Honors
  • Makenzie Lohman, Government Plan I Honors; Philosophy
  • Meridith McDonald, Government
  • Jorden Meneghetti, Plan II Honors; History
  • Ginny Montalbano, Corporate Communication
  • James O’Brien, Government
  • Rohan Ramchand, Computer Science; Mathematics
  • Sarahi Rojo, Social Work
  • Mrinalini “Nali” Shah, Government Honors
  • Katherine Stadler, Finance
  • Luis Veloz, Government
  • Sean Walker, Government
  • Fatima Youssef, Government; Middle Eastern Studies

Spring 2017

  • Mark Albin, Finance; Economics
  • Kubra Babaturk, International Relations & Global Studies Plan I Honors
  • Birgit Benestante, Journalism; Government
  • Caleb Cade, Government Plan I Honors; Middle Eastern Studies Plan I Honors
  • Ruben Cardenas, Political Communication; Governement
  • Maya Fitzpatrick, Government Plan I Honors
  • Abraham Flores-Arguelles, Political Communication
  • Michelle Glasenapp, Government; International Relations & Global Studies
  • Vy Nguyen, International Relations & Global Studies Plan I Honors
  • Zoraima Pelaez, Humanities Honors
  • Dayal Rajagopalan, Chemistry
  • Sanjana Reddy, Biology
  • Gregory Ross, Plan