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Alumni Feature: Global Studies BDP Alumnus Transfers BDP Principles to Career in Shanghai

Dhawal DoshiDhawal Doshi graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in December 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and a Bridging Disciplines Programs certificate in Global Studies, with a concentration in International Development. Dhawal currently lives and works in Shanghai, China, where he is a research supervisor for an American-led retail development company.

Discovering the BDPs

As an international student from India, Dhawal Doshi arrived at UT in 2006, unsure of his educational plans, but deeply interested in global issues. “It was a very different experience to be in an educational system where I had so much freedom to choose courses,” Dhawal said. Starting in his first semester, Dhawal began learning Chinese, unaware that it would be his primary language upon leaving the university.

As a college sophomore, Dhawal discovered the Bridging Disciplines Programs while reading about undergraduate research opportunities. The Global Studies program aligned with his interests, and he was drawn to the BDP support system, which includes academic advisors, faculty mentors, and scholarship opportunities. “I found BDP to be a refuge,” Dhawal said. “If I wanted to do something that didn’t exist in th