The University of Texas at Austin
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Faculty and Staff

Core Curriculum, Signature Courses, and Flags

The UT core curriculum requirements, shared by every undergraduate degree, are designed to put the major coursework into a broader, intellectual context, incorporating the perspectives of a wide variety of disciplines. Visit the The Center for the Skills and Experience Flags for more information.

Signature Courses are interdisciplinary courses for first-year students taught by faculty from every college and school. Signature Courses cover a vast array of topics and incorporate required common elements that cultivate a community of learners.

Flagged courses, found in every department, ensure that all students acquire skills in writing, independent inquiry, and quantitative reasoning, while being exposed to content relating to cultural diversity, global cultures, and ethics and leadership. View flag proposal tips and find other faculty/staff resources relating to course flags here.

The School of Undergraduate Studies uses a team-based process involving faculty, staff, and students in assessing core courses, flagged courses, and signature courses.

Teaching Support

Teaching support and resources are available to all UT professors.

Signature Course faculty receive training before classes begin and participate in round table discussions throughout the semester that offer opportunities to ask questions and exchange though