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$9,000 Awarded in Course Development Competition

In collaboration with the Office of Sustainability, the Center for Core Curriculum is pleased to congratulate our course award competition winners. Two grand prizes were given: one $6,000 award to create a new course and one $3,000 award to convert an existing course. Both courses will address ethical issues through a sustainability framework.

Dr. William S. Swearingen of the Department of Sociology won the $6,000 Course Development Competition, which he will use to create SOC 321K: Building the Sustainable City. Dr. Gregory Knapp, from the Department of Geography, won a $3,000 Course Conversion Award, which will allow him to enhance the ethics and sustainability components of his UGS 303: Latin America: Environmental History and Sustainability course (a Signature Course). Many outstanding proposals were offered smaller amounts.


Sustainability is commonly understood to require a balanced pursuit of ecological health, social equity, and economic welfare. The pursuit of sustainability is grounded in an ethical commitment to the well-being of not only current populations, but also future generations. Ethics and sustainability courses should explicitly frame and address content in real-world terms by giving students the opportunity to apply content to questions or problems that are relevant to their adult and professional lives. An ethics and sustainability lens is broadly applicable to courses across the curriculum including