The University of Texas at Austin
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First Day for New Dean

Dean Brent IversonDean Brent Iverson begins his first day in the School of Undergraduate Studies today.

Highly decorated for his teaching acumen and his research accomplishments, Iverson took the post vacated by inaugural Dean Paul Woodruff last fall and filled for the past year by Interim Dean Larry Abraham.

“As someone who was part of the initial conception of the School of Undergraduate Studies, Brent Iverson is the perfect person to build on the successes of the school, creating pathways for leadership and excellence in undergraduate studies,” said Bill Powers, president of The University of Texas at Austin. “He is a recognized teacher, researcher and scholar, with a proven commitment to providing our undergraduates with the best academic experience possible.”

With responsibility for the core curriculum, as well as more than 2,000 students who have not yet declared majors, Undergraduate Studies is a key piece of the university’s student success initiatives and classroom innovation.

“I look forward to working with everyone in UGS to further promote teaching excellence, enhance the core curriculum, develop interdisciplinary study programs and assist students with developing a path toward graduation in ways that add value to the efforts of each college and school on campus,” Iverson said.

“I am passionate about undergraduate education, and this is an important moment in our history. We will take full advantage of new approaches in combination with the incredible resources and faculty of a flagship research university. I want to make sure that we do the best we possibly can for all UT students — including putting them in front of top scholars as early as possible through our Signature Courses and making sure they have all of the other important first-year experiences that