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Take a few minutes to score your poster (or ask a friend to score) to identify areas of potential improvement.

  1. Does my poster have enough white space?
    • (0) There is too much information to have white space
    • (1) Just enough to separate the sections
    • (2) Sections are separated logically and the viewers’ eyes can rest
  2. Are the text and graphics legible?
    • (0) Too small to be seen from at least three feet
    • (1) Can be seen from at least three feet, but do not stand out
    • (2) Most important text and graphics legible from at least three feet
  3. Are the text and graphics consistent?
    • (0) More than two fonts, size and/or colors are random
    • (1) No more than two fonts, logical sizes and colors
    • (2) Appropriate fonts, sizes and colors emphasize main point
  4. Is the flow of information logical?
    • (0) No headings, scattered information, content does not flow
    • (1) Confusing to navigate, headings or sections not systematic
    • (2) Easy to navigate, headings and sections are systematic
  5. Can I identify research question?