The University of Texas at Austin
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UGS Staff

The Dean’s office main line is 512-475-7000

Name Phone Title
Phaedra White Abbott 512-471-4422 Senior Program Coordinator, Discovery Scholars Program
Lawrence Abraham 512-232-2684 Associate Dean
Nisha Abraham 512-232-1962 Learning Specialist
Amber Ahmed 512-232-7146 Assistant Academic Advisor
Christine Anderson 512-232-8416 Senior Academic Advisor
Darcy Barrick 512-475-8729 Instructional Designer
Wesley Belz 512-471-1011 Financial Analyst
Josephine Bibby 512-232-7170 Administrative Associate
Jocelyn Billings Mays 512-232-1840 Business Office Assistant
Anne Bradley 512-475-7002 Executive Assistant
Casey Butler 512-475-8810 Student Development Specialist II
Kellie Caroselli 512-232-8400 Assistant Academic Advisor
Julia Chinnock 512-232-7582 Senior Academic Advisor
Chris Comfort 512-232-8412 Web Designer/Developer
Lauren Contreras 512-232-7587 Associate Academic Advisor
Kathleen Cool 512-471-9287 Learning Specialist III
Yvanna Corella 512-232-8409 Associate Academic Advisor
Sara Corson 512-232-8402 Senior Academic Advisor
Laura Costello 512-471-8990 Director of Assessment
John Croslin 512-471-9468 Information Technology Manager
Alison Devlin 512-232-0847 Career Counselor I
Kevin Dicken 512-471-9470 IT Coordinator
Liliana DoƱes 512-232-1949 Student Development Specialist I
Edward Fernandez 512-475-8728 Program Coordinator
Kelly Frazer 512-232-6356 Assistant Academic Advisor
Scott Gary 512-232-7577 Student Development Specialist IV
Claire Gaylord 512-475-8712 Administrative Associate/Supervisor
Amy Gogolin 512-471-0609 Director for Development
Andrea Gonzalez 512-232-9443 Program Coordinator
Alan Grimes 512-232-8410 Communications and Design Manager
Will Grindle 512-232-4244 Software Developer/Analyst
Molly Gully 512-232-8407 Interim Director for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling
Jeffrey Handy 512-232-6378 Assistant Academic Advisor
Melva Harbin 512-232-8404 Senior Program Coordinator
Lara Harlan 512-475-7374 Director II, Communication and Special Projects
Jordyn Harrison 512-232-8415 Assistant Academic Advisor
Veronica Heiskell 512-475-8811 Career Counselor I
Jeanette Herman 512-471-3948 Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives & Director, Bridging Disciplines Programs
Brent Iverson 512-475-7000 Dean
Michelle Jewell 512-475-8737 Director of Sanger Learning Center
Laura Jones 512-471-2413 Program Coordinator
Trent Lesikar 512-471-7693 Electronic Publishing Specialist
Briana Liu 512-232-8406 Academic Advisor
Melissa Lopas 512-471-8277 Office Assistant
Tivra Marks 512-232-7583 Student Development Specialist IV
Daniel Mauro 512-471-8294 Research Associate II
Jeffrey Mayo 512-475-8090 Senior Program Coordinator
Patty Micks 512-232-7675 Director, First-Year Experience
Celeste E. Middleton 512-232-7584 Administrative Associate
Dong-Ha Min 512-232-4712 Learning Specialist III
Jennifer Morgan 512-471-9809 Program Manager
Cindy Morrison 512-471-9222 Software Programmer/Analyst
Leta Moser 512-475-8009 Peer-Led Undergraduate Studying, Learning Specialist
Larissa Noake 512-232-7586 Senior Program Coordinator
Kristen Nonus 512-232-4246 Administrative Associate
Tressa Olsen 512-471-6623 Administrative Associate