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Undergraduate Presenters

Poster Title Presenter Name
Political Representation: What Stands in the Way of Progress in D.C.? Julia Jirovsky
A Comparative Analysis of Mortuary Practices in the Past Krista Barnum
A Critical Analysis of Terry v. Ohio in New York City Maureen Clark
A Cross-Cultural Examination of Children’s Imitation of a Conventional Task in Third-Party Contexts in a Western and a Non-Western Population Caroline Cicardo
A Paleopathological Analysis of Juvenile Remains From Mortuary Sites on the Western Gulf Coastal Plains of Texas Lauren Koutlias
Analysis of the Uncertainty in Seismic Site Response from Surface Wave-Derived Shear Wave Velocity Profiles Tarek El-Afifi
Beat Generation Maestros: Understanding the Lives and Work of the Women of the Beat Generation Alice Lazare
Bureaucracy Takes Flight: Examining the Institutional Behavior of the US Military in the Phoenix/Phung Hoang Program 1967-1972 James Barnett
But is it a Movement?: An assessment of Patriot group ideology in the 21st century Meagan Abel
Cause and Effects of Identity-related Transitional Issues Faced by Female Student Veterans Khoi Le
Chinese Immigration to Texas in the Exclusion Era Harrison Watson
Cléo from Déesse to Idée: The Archetype of the Woman-Child in French New Wave Film Abby Lockett
Combating the Effects of Perceived Isolation Through Design Gi Lim
Comparing the difference between perseveration and anticipation errors in speech production in Monolinguals and Bilinguals Carola Medina
Comparing the Mockery of Republican and Democratic Parties on Saturday Night Live Catherine Blair
Contact-driven basic word order change in the Vaupés region Rebekah Evans
Defining Stigma: Investigating the Impact of Substance-Related Terms on Collegiate Students’ Perceptions Sierra Schuman
Depression in College: Influencing Factors for Mental Health Treatment Kasey Meyer
Design of NSA surveillance programs Mukund Rathi
Discourse of Immigration among conservatives Caleb Coggeshall
Discovering novel inhibitors for IMPDH in B. anthracis Lisa Strong
Discovering the Internship Experience through Digital Storytelling Jorge Zamora
Diversity Education in Elementary Schools Hana'a Said
Effect of Embryonic Fetal Cells on Maternal Neural Progenitor Cells Francis Shue
Effect of Pubertal Timing on the Development of Disordered Eating Behaviors Lauren Canton
Effects of Different Types of Noise on Foreign Accent Adaptation Maria Gavino Rodriguez
Effects of force level and hand dominance on bilateral transfer of a fine motor skill. Karl Muller
Effects of recent and long-term experience on labeling objects in Spanish and English Douglas Mauldin
Effects of Religious Commitment and Parental Monitoring on Substance Abuse in Adolescents Olivia Baker
El Sueño Dorado: Grounded Theory Qualitative Study on Post Resettlement Motivation and Coping Mechanisms Dora Gonzalez
Ethics and Art: Making History While Teaching History Madison Weakley
Evidence-based treatment for stuttering: A preschool case study Kendell Tallas
Evidence-based treatment for stuttering: A School-Age Case Study Brandi Barrow
Evidence-based treatment for stuttering: An adult case study Katrina Givens
Evolving Political Socialization: Polarization-Driven Cynicism in Children Brian Stewart
Factors Associated with Unmet Health Care Needs in Home Care Workers Emily Gao
Female Beauty in Contemporary East Asia Layla Farahani
From Eyre to Slayer: The Cultural Dissemination of Jane Eyre in the 20th Century Lauren Ferguson
Gentrification and its effect on health outcomes in Travis county. Mike Ajoubi
Geoprocessing Environmental Variables at Subnational Units Emma Walker
Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses: A Comparative Analysis of Pre- and Post-1965 Immigrants' Role in the American Economy Lusaura Gutierrez
Glioblastoma-Targeting Aptamer-Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System Shannon Dupont
Guidoriccio da Fogliano and the Sala del Mappamondo Nicholas Purgett
Have Drones Become a Partisan Issue? John Flattery
Health and partner dance: Affect and anxiety effects as a result of a one-time dance class Shelley Fang
Health Care Initiatives in Human Trafficking Jingyi Wang
Hierarchies of Brain and Being: Abraham Maslow and the Origins of the Hierarchy of Needs in German Brain Science Daniel Coonan
Humanizing yeast to model cardiac disease Christine Rafie
IDEA(s) for the Art Classroom: Fair Implementation Anabell Horton
Identifying Novel Inhibitors of D-alanine:D-alanine Ligase in Listeria monocytogenes Using Virtual Screening Simone Menezes
Impact of consistency in performance on children's verbal and instrumental imitation Elena Keltner
Implementations of Transformative Leadership During Times of Perceived Environmental Uncertainty Carlo Antoniolli
Initial CBV as a Predictor of Patient Mortality and Follow-Up CT and MRI Volume in Ischemic Stroke Imran Rizvi
Investigating the Autoregulation of Human Exonuclease 1 Xenia Gonzalez
Investigating the Availability and Accessibility of Mental Health Services for Deaf Texans Naomi Peschke
Italart | Art Abroad Katie Gregory
Learning Tuscany Cassondra Huckle
Leslie Labowitz: Transnationalism in 1970s Feminist Performance Art Shannon McDonald
Mapping UT History: An Exhibit Exploring the Development of Buildings, Statues, and Landmarks Jennifer Levin
Media and Mass Shootings: A Computational Look Into The Driving Forces Behind Congressional Decision-Making Frank Ramirez
Memorable Messages and coping with stress Marina Guindy
Modeling the impact of Political Donations on Partisanship Santiago Munevar
Money in Politics David Pool
Multiple Factors Influencing Weight in Children with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Caregivers Kaitlin Galloway
Nervous System as a determinant of eating habits Fatima Rahman
NightLaundry Owen Dodgen
Non-Persuasive Politics Alexander Gaudio
Obesity-promoted activation and activity of the androgen receptor due to FOXA1, pioneer factor activity Geetika Rao
Our First Day Together, We Found a Rainbow Under the Tuscan Sun Taylor Osarogiagbon
Pancreatic cancer risk: The relationship among BMI, smoking, and type 2 diabetes Jennifer Hall
Pet Name Speech Error Survey Ye Ahn
Petrogenesis of Cycladic Serpentinites: Understanding the Tectonic History Preserved in Metamorphic Rocks in Syros, Greece Natalie Raia
Phonological patterns in parent input directed to young children in the earliest stages of speech and language acquisition. Suzanne Stiles
PLC 7 Controls Regulation of Trichome Development in Arabidopsis Duncan Sudarshan
Political Outsiders and Legislative Effectiveness Chase Slocum
Post-Tuscany Stephanie Gardea
Public Attitudes Towards Refugees in Texas Shivani Ranganathan
Quantitative Cross-Cultural Comparison of Socialization in Preschools: Samoa, Vanuatu, and the United States Bethelhem Belachew
Rates and Mechanisms of Erosion Generating a Wave-Cut Platform at Sargent Beach, Texas, USA Rose Palermo
Relationships Between Local Plants and Foreign Spices in European Herbalism: Mandrake as an Exception Clarice Guan
Religion and Partisan Extremism and the US Senate Ashton Hoffman
Religious Rhetoric in the Contemporary Senate Jacob Weaver
Reported Language Use as a Predictor of Attitudes Toward Code-Switching Katarina Antolovic
Responsibility for Violence: A Study of U.S. Involvement in Latin America Marcela Velarde
Retrosplenial cortex lesions inhibit the formation of female preferences in male prairie voles. Michael Viacheslavov
Role of Labels in Making Inferences about Group Categorization Subhashini Madhavan
Running While Female: Regional Variations in Female Gubernatorial Campaign Ads Rachel Osterloh
Semiconductor-Catalyst Interfaces for Photoelectrochemical Cell Applications Meredith Ward
Senate Voting and the Crude Oil Export Ban Kelly Robinson
Senators' Characteristics and Motivations Trevor Hand
Sensitive Social Issues in Art: Confronting “The Other” in the Classroom Hannah Luse
Sentences and Contexts: The Discourse Functions of Postverbal Constituents in the Hindi Sentence Carson Carruth
Sports as a Developmental Tool at the International Stage Chelsey Antony
State Mental Health Courts and Policy Diffusion Julia Reyna
Student Perceptions of Importance Level of Sleep Promotion Message Content Dayna Gettel
Swenson Coin Digitization Project Daniel Pederson
Task Switching Manipulations in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Alyssa Hernandez
Taxonomic analysis of a fossil gerrhonotine lizard from the Palm Springs Formation David Ledesma
Temporal Aspect of RFK's Address to Indianapolis: Kairos Jayvy Gamboa
The Affects of Health Care Policy on Advance Care Planning Kathleen Morgan
The Art and Science of Coaching Pavit Patel
The Art of Critique: Facilitating Critical Conversation In The Secondary Art Classroom Frances Roberts
The Communication of Mental Health Emily Obenhaus
The effect of speaking style adaptations on speech perception in noise by native and non-native listeners Michelle Dubois
The Effectiveness of Specific Carbohydrate Diet in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Lorena Rodriguez
The Effects of Instrumental versus Conventional Instructions on Imitative Learning on Young Children Ana Jacome
The Effects of Positive Memory Narrative Intervention on Positive Affect after a Loss Baylee Hawkins
The Emotional Experiences of Mothers of Newborns Admitted to the NICU Andrea Queralt
The Ethics of Art as Curriculum or Privilege: The Rights to Equal Access Courtney Jones
The Evolution of the Surveyor Fan and Channel System, Gulf of Alaska Based on Core-Log-Seismic Integration Susannah Morey
The Hate that Hate Produced: Unveiling the Subversiveness of Music created by Black women in America Mia Ferguson
The health effects of pesticide exposure on Mexican farm workers and their families Lorenzo Santos
The Impact of Discussion in Peer Groups on Children's Ability to Reason Emily Eck
The Man in the Red-Caped Suit: Superman, Lois Lane, and Postwar Domesticity Suzanna Ewert
The Partisan Border: At what point did immigration become a partisan issue? Brianna Menard
The Relationship Between Sexual Shame and Sexual Self-Schemas Gabrielle Del Rey
The Rhetoric of Recent Times: Comparing the Presidential Platforms of Democrats and Republicans Michelle Brucato
The Rise of STI Rates Among Young Adults and Proposed Solutions Miranda Clinton
The Role of Dialogic Rhetoric in Collaborative Educational Environments Emily Robinson
The State of Alcohol Abuse Among Students at the University of Texas at Austin and The Implications Thereof Juan Giraldo
The Tangled Web of Immigration: Efficacy of Restrictive and Expansive State Immigration Policies Joshua Hamlin
Through a Singular Lens: How Media Coverage Affects Public Opinion of Foreign Policy Brenna Larkin
Tourism and reef benthic community structure in Akumal Bay Drew Gartman
Twitter’s Partisan Warriors: Analyzing Senators’ Social Media Presence Sonia Montejano
Unionism in America & the ILWU Davis Townsend
Unorthdox Tactics of the 110th and 111th Congress: The Contemporary House Speakership Beau Baumann
Vandalism in the Art Classroom: How do you teach an art form that has its own culture and is also considered illegal? Anyssa Flores
Voter Turnout and Homeownership Jodie Strong
Water Quality Assessment of Han River Using Diatoms as Bioindicators Hyunjin Park
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Austin Linkinhoker
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Jacqueline Juengst
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Nicholas Osella
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Eunjoo Oh
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Madeline George
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Natalie Campbell
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Denise Zaldivar
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Sanghyeok Park
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Emily Jarvis
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Brianna Graves
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Hillary Henrici
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Whitney Chen
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Joel Weber
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Hailey Williams
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Jaehee Seh
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Yae Chan Lee
wkrm: Student-Run Design Studio Nora Greene
Young Adults with Chronic Illnesses: Transition to Self-Management Lauren Britt
“Clashing Perspectives and Colonial Development”: East Florida in British Print Culture, 1762-1784 Madeline Hoadley