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Assessment Information for Faculty

The UGS Assessment Team partners with the Signature Course Program Office to implement a comprehensive assessment plan for Signature Courses. As a faculty member, your participation in assessment is critical to our efforts to understand the successes of the Signature Course and the areas in which we can improve. We will contact you prior to and during the semester about the various assessment projects.

Mid-Semester Student Survey

All Signature Course students will receive a mid-semester course survey. The survey will be sent directly to students, via email, from UGS Assessment. We ask students to identify their instructors so we can send you your individualized feedback, including student comments. The goal is to provide concrete information from students on their class experience so far. We will notify you when the survey is deployed and ask for your assistance in encouraging students to complete it.

Writing Assessment

Toward the end of the semester, we will contact all instructors to request student writing assignment samples. The purpose of the writing assessment is to view the big picture of student skills, not to evaluate individual students or instructors. All assessment results will be reported in the aggregate and stripped of identifying information.

Course Instructor Survey (CIS)

We utilize a version of the CIS that is designed to assess the six Signature Course goals