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Signature Course Essentials Sample Documents

Title Sample Type
Analytic Rubric Rubrics
Holistic Grading Criteria Rubrics
Holistic Rubric for Research Paper Rubrics
Holistic Scale for Article Summaries Rubrics
Primary Trait Analysis Rubric Rubrics
QEP Rubric Rubrics
Scaled Analytic Rubric Rubrics
Analytic Assignment Model Sample Assignments
Issue Inquiry Sample Assignments
Research Assignment Model Sample Assignments
Synthesis Assignment Model Sample Assignments
Term Paper Assignment Sample Assignments
Thesis Formation Model 1 Sample Assignments
Thesis Formation Model 2 Sample Assignments
Signature Course Syllabus Template Syllabi
Professor Davis Using Peer Review Videos
Oral Communication
Title Sample Type
Oral Presentation Rubric 1 - Hickenbottom Rubrics
Oral Presentation Rubric 2 - Karboski Rubrics
Dr. Christine Schmidt Group Presentation Assignment Sample Assignments
Dean Woodruff's Oral Presentation Assignment Videos
Debate as Oral Presentation Videos
Information Literacy
Title Sample Type
Academic Article Evaluation Sample Assignments
Civic Solutions Proposal Assignment Sample Assignments
Critically Evaluate Newspaper Articles on Contemporary Issue Sample Assignments
Library Instruction Sessions Sample Assignments
Gems of the University
Title Sample Type
Blanton Museum Sample Assignment Sample Assignments
Blanton Museum Sample Assignment #2 Sample Assignments
Landmarks Public Art Assignment Sample Assignments
University Lecture Series
Title Sample Type
Incorporating the University Lecture Series into your Signature Course Sample Assignments
Incorporating the University Lecture Series and Information Literacy Videos
Title Sample Type
Dr. Chiu-Mi Lai Syllabus Syllabi
Dr. Larry Speck Syllabus Syllabi
Dr. Paul Woodruff Syllabus Syllabi
Dr. Randolph Bias Syllabus Syllabi
Dr. Wallace Fowler Syllabus Syllabi