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Syllabus Checklist

The following information is required on your syllabus.
Download this information in a PDF file

Sample Signature Course syllabi are available to download from our Signature Course Essentials sample documents page.

Course Details

  • Course name, number, unique number and semester (unique numbers are found in the course schedule)
  • When and where the class meets
  • Instructor’s name
  • Instructor’s office location and phone number (instructor & TA contact information & office hours are optional for the version to be posted online by the university)
  • Instructor’s office hours
  • Discussion section(s) time and place (if applicable)
  • Teaching assistant(s)/grader(s) name(s), office, phone number, and office hours (if applicable)

Course Overview and Objectives

  • Overall academic goals
  • Course overview
  • Specific topics for each class meeting
  • Readings and problems to be assigned

Course Requirements